“The Bear Wife” available to read today

My story “The Bear Wife” is available to read online today, at Metaphorosis Magazine. It’s a contemporary take on the animal-wife folk tale — a woman who was once a bear struggles with reconciling her old life with her new, and with the pleasures and pains of new motherhood. Digital copies of the February issue are also available here. The theme for the issue is “family” and there are some wonderful stories in there.

Also, the cover art for this issue is amazing — it’s wonderful to see my story illustrated like that (art by Saleha Chowdhury).

Hope you enjoy!

December News

Excited to announce that my flash piece, “Bedtime Snacks for Baby,” has been accepted for publication at Flash Fiction Online. Flash fiction is a whole different ballgame than longer short fiction — figuring out how to get a whole story in under 1000 words was an interesting journey! — and so I’m very proud to have this as my first flash sale.

I don’t want to say too much about the story for fear of spoiling the surprises, but it’s about a baby with unusual appetites and standing with your children, no matter the consequences.

November News

Pleased to announce that my short story, “The Bear Wife,” will be published in an upcoming issue of Metaphorosis Magazine. As the name suggests, it’s a contemporary update of animal-wife folk tale. It’s about the pain of being torn between two worlds, the quirks of modern parenting, and the threats facing grizzly bears in the wild.