“A Test of Trouble” appears in Maria Haskins’ Short Fiction Roundup

“A Test of Trouble” was included in Maria Haskins’ Short Fiction Roundup for February 2021, along with a number of other excellent stories. She says:

Now, if that’s not a brilliant hook of a first line, I don’t know what is! What follows is an equally brilliant and decidedly unsettling look at fraught relationship, and an insightful and unflinching look at the reality-warping exhaustion that is often part and parcel of a baby’s first few months.  … I do love time travel stories, and this one is a keeper.

“A Test of Trouble” out today at Luna Station Quarterly

My short story “A Test of Trouble” is out today at Luna Station Quarterly. This is my first attempt at writing time travel, a genre I love reading. The story went through a lot of different drafts (and fluctuated wildly in length, from 2000 words to 9000 words at various points) as I attempted to figure out how to deal with the pitfalls of time travel fiction, so I hope it works for people. I don’t want to spoil too much of what the story is about but the opening line gives you a sense of it:

When the baby is nine months old, Bree begins to suspect she is a time machine.

Content warning for the depiction of domestic violence in this story.

“Katabasis” on the Sunburst Award Longlist

Woke up today to find out that “Katabasis” is on the Sunburst Award Longlist, along with 14 other wonderful pieces of Canadian short fiction. (Well really I found out when my Twitter notifications suddenly went wild.) The Sunburst, for those that don’t know, is a juried award for excellence in Canadian literature of the fantastic.

It’s an incredible honour to be on the list, and I’m particularly pleased that there are two other stories from Augur on the list as well — Augur is doing such great work here in Canada in publishing excellent science fiction and fantasy and I think they deserve all the recognition in the world.

“Annotated Setlist” gets a great review in Locus Magazine

My story “Annotated Setlist of the Mikaela Cole Jazz Quintet” received a very nice review from Karen Burnham in Locus Magazine. She described it as her favourite story in the December 2019 issue of Clarkesworld and said it had a “great balance between hopefulness and melancholy.”

The review was previously in the February print/subscriber issue and is now online.

This was personally exciting for me, not just because it’s wonderful to get a good review in Locus, but because Locus put out a tweet announcing that Karen Burnham recommended two stories, one of which was mine and one of which was by Garth Nix. I love Garth Nix: the Abhorsen series is a huge favourite of mine, so to have my writing paired up with his in that way was fantastic!

“Calling on Behalf of the Dark Lord” reviewed at Quick Sip Reviews

“Calling on Behalf of the Dark Lord” received a lovely review at Charles Payseur’s Quick Sip Reviews today, along with the rest of the stories from the first section at Translunar Travelers Lounge Issue 2 (which, having read them myself, are fantastic).

Charles teases out some of the themes that underlie this story and ends by calling it a “wickedly fun piece, taking aim at bullshit dead-end jobs and hitting the target dead center.”

“Calling on Behalf of the Dark Lord” out today at Translunar Travelers Lounge

My story “Calling on Behalf of the Dark Lord” is out today at Translunar Travelers Lounge, a new online speculative fiction magazine that focuses on fun, lighthearted stories. Their first issue was wonderful so I expect it will be worth checking out all the stories in Issue 2!

This is the first published story for me that I would describe as fun or potentially funny; everything so far has been at the very least tinged with melancholy or sadness in some way. It’s about what happens when you take a job at a call centre working to drum up followers for the Dark Lord …