Awards Eligibility 2019

This is my first time doing one of these! I’d be honoured if people would read and consider the five stories I had published in 2019. If you only have time for one, I’d like to point you towards “Annotated Setlist of the Mikaela Cole Jazz Quintet.” If you’re only interested in fantasy, please consider “Katabasis” or “The Bear Wife”.

This is my first year of eligibility for the Astounding Award (previously known as the Campbell Award). And just a note that I am Canadian, if you vote or nominate for the Aurora Awards.

Annotated Setlist of the Mikaela Cole Jazz Quintet” (science fiction, 6800 words). Clarkesworld, December 2019.

Jazz musicians on a generation ship. A look at the ways we find meaning in our lives and the struggles of making a long voyage across the galaxy.

Katabasis” (fantasy, 4910 words). Augur, December 2019.

How do we find a place to call home? And is there a world of magic right next door to ours?

Ephemera” (fantasy, 991 words). Flash Fiction Online, November 2019.

What if the things in your life chose between you and your ex?

Bedtime Snacks for Baby” (fantasy, 994 words). Flash Fiction Online, May 2019.

A baby with strange appetites; the strength of a parent’s love.

The Bear Wife” (fantasy, 5530 words). Metaphorosis Magazine, February 2019.

Becoming a parent is a big life change. Becoming a human after living as a bear might be even bigger.

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