December stories

Two stories of mine are out today! And they are very, very different stories, with one being far-future sci-fi on a generation ship and the other being a quiet contemporary fantasy (which, depending on how you read it, isn’t really even fantasy at all).

The first one is “Annotated Setlist of the Mikaela Cole Jazz Quintet,” at Clarkesworld, and as I said on Twitter, it’s what it says on the tin: the story is structured as a setlist for a jazz quintet on a generation ship, with the band members talking about the stories behind the songs.

The second one is “Katabasis,” at Augur Magazine. (The link is to the sample, which is the first scene of the story; the whole thing is available with purchase of Issue 3.2, or you could get a subscription — I highly recommend Augur, I have a subscription, and am so glad that they’re working to create a pro market for speculative fiction here in Canada. Anyway “Katabasis” is set on an unnamed Gulf Island here in BC and involves relationships, finding your place in the world, and the magic that lurks beneath the surface of the world.

There actually is one thing that these two stories have in common: they are both rewritten versions of stories that I first drafted almost ten years ago, before I stopped writing short fiction. When I started writing again in the summer of 2018, I picked them up again and thought, “hmmm, is there anything worth salvaging here?” And it turned out there was, although they both underwent major changes in revision (“Katabasis” to a slightly lesser degree, as the setting and basic structure didn’t change much, but the original version of “Annotated Setlist” was half the length, was structured much more traditionally, and wasn’t science fiction at all). Anyway, now when I’m writing I think about that: things I give up on now aren’t wasted, it just might take me a decade to get them where they’re going.

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