A Year in Writing

The stats from my first full year writing science fiction, fantasy, and other speculative fiction:

  • Finished six short stories, and finished the first drafts of three others.
  • 26 submissions
  • 19 rejections (14 form, 5 personal)
  • 3 stories still on sub
  • 4 acceptances (two pro, two semi-pro)
  • 5 stories published

Two stories were the “workhorses” of my rejection count, racking up 14 between them (one has since been accepted, the other one is still out there working hard for the team). Two others were accepted on their first outing. These things, I have come to find, are extremely unpredictable.

The year also included a number of firsts:

  • first SFF short publication
  • first pro publication
  • first podcasted story
  • first review

What will 2020 bring? I hope it lives up this year, because this was a great one. Thanks to all those who read my work!

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