“Bedtime Snacks for Baby” available to read today

My flash fiction piece “Bedtime Snacks for Baby” is available to read today at Flash Fiction Online. The issue is focused around mothers, just in time for Mother’s Day. Mothers are often not the focus in SFF writing — see, for more insightful comments than I can manage, Aliette de Bodard’s thoughtful (and BSFA award-winning) discussion of the erasure of mothers/motherhood from SFF fiction — so it is nice to see that focus.

The more I write the more I find that mothers (and parents, more broadly) and babies are a preoccupation in my fiction. It appears I am following the advice to “write what you know”, with two children under the age of three at home and the resurgence in my writing coming during a maternity leave.

(A tangent: I am very grateful that both my employer and the Canadian government have supported my ability to take two maternity leaves in the past three years, and particularly grateful in this context as I found myself as a writer again during this last leave.)

If you like the issue, e-book/digital copies are available here.

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