A Test of Trouble,” March 2021, Luna Station Quarterly

  • “When the baby is nine weeks old, Bree begins to suspect she is a time machine.”
  • Described in Maria Haskins’ Short Fiction Roundup for February 2021 as an “equally brilliant and decidedly unsettling look at fraught relationship”

Calling on Behalf of the Dark Lord,” February 2020, Translunar Travelers Lounge

  • So you’ve taken a job at a call centre shilling for the Dark Lord …
  • Described as “wickedly fun … taking aim at bullshit dead-end jobs and hitting the target dead center” in Charles Payseur’s Quick Sip Reviews

Annotated Setlist of the Mikaela Cole Jazz Quintet,” December 2019, Clarkesworld (podcast here, read by Kate Baker)

  • Jazz musicians on a generation ship — described by Charles Payseur at Quick Sip Reviews as “sort of like Behind the Music, but in the future and in space”
  • Karen Burnham named this her favourite story from Clarkesworld December 2019 in her Locus Magazine review in February 2020 issue, calling it “a great balance of hopefulness and melancholy”
  • Appeared on the Tangent Recommended Reading List for 2019
  • Appeared on list of Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction for December 2019
  • SFRevu says “The tone is bittersweet and beautiful with the story behind one certain song being deeply poignant”

Katabasis,” December 2019, Augur Magazine (sample available at the link, full story in Issue 2.3)

Ephemera,” November 2019, Flash Fiction Online

  • What if your belongings had to choose between you and your ex?

Bedtime Snacks for Baby,” May 2019, Flash Fiction Online

The Bear Wife,” February 2019, Metaphorosis Magazine (also available in Metaphorosis: Best of 2019, either in e-book or paperback format)

  • A contemporary take on the classic animal bride story
  • “A complex look at the way love transforms people” — A.C. Wise, in her Words for Thought column at Apex Magazine